Table of Contents for How Do You Stay So Young?

Table Of Contents


The First Secret / Style

The Pied Piper / Whoopi Goldberg
My Daddy Long Legs / Fred Astaire
Strut Your Stuff / John Travolta
The Whole World Looks Brighter / Robert Wagner
Three Special Ladies / Audrey – Grace – Jacqueline

The Second Secret / Attitude

Courage, Truth, And The American Way / John Wayne
What You See Is What She Is / Shirley Maclaine
Monte / Ernest J Shoedsack
Just Call Me Lucy / Lucille Ball
When Fido Makes Potty / Burt Lancaster
My Twin Sister / Linda Goodman
Dr. Peter Pan / Dr. Jerry Buss
To Become It; Believe It / Angela Lansbury
That First Step / Ray Milland
Take Your Time / Mary Pickford
Man To Match Any Mountain / Henry Paul Leeder
Monica / Monica Greenberg

The Third Secret / Skin Care

A Scared Little Sparrow / Marilyn Monroe
Paul Newman
Luscious Lips And Clean Skin / Ingrid Bergman
Aloe Was His Secret / Tyrone Power
Beauty Is As Beauty Does / Lana Turner
Caesar Romero
D-Day Victory / Doris Day
15 On Scale Of 10 / Bo Derek
Arlene Dahl
Linda Goodman
Heather Locklear

The Fourth Secret / Exercise

Advice From The Music Man / Quincy Jones
Yoga – Bikram
Determination &Amp; Persistance / Sylvester Stallone
Jane Fonda
Know How To Play / Clint Eastwood
Exercise As A Way Of Life / Michael Crawford
Charles Bronson
Angie Dickinson

The Fifth Secret / Nutrition

Vitamins – Minerals – Supplements
Cary Grant
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Debbie Reynolds
A Nutrition Retreat O.H.I.
Mickey Rooney
Mae West
Red Buttons
Jack Lalanne
Lauralee Bell

The Sixth Secret / Faith

Dr. Perrin
John Travolta
Linda Goodman
God Cares About The Small Stuff / Boo Boo
Elvis Presley
Martin Sheen
Lee Marvin
Phylis Diller
Other Lovely Friends
Cut Of The Sword
Broken Wrist – Shattered Dreams?

The Seventh Secret / Love Sex Mariage / The Prince

Mae West
Buzz Aldrin

The Seventh Secret / Love Sex Marriage (Continued)

The Bell Family
Willam T. Young

The Eighth Secret / Why Stay Forever Young?

Tony Robbins
The Two Hughes
John Candy
Bob Hope
Glenn Ford
Shirley Temple
Natalie Schaefer

How Do You Stay So Young?
by Terry Moore
with Hollywood’s Greatest Stars
Available August 2008

Soft Cover Edition – $30.00 (autographed)

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